Audio performance-walk "Summer. Dostoevsky ville. 730 steps with R.Raskolnikov"
Dostoevsky ville. The Music of the City. The Voice of the City. We meet with the City and with ourselves, exploring the toponymy of literary spaces in steps with the voices of the heroes of "Crime
and Punishment" novel. Go through those same 730 steps that separated Raskolnikov from the house of the old woman money lender, and make your choice. What will it be?
About the audio performance-walk
The premiere took place on July 18, 2018.

The meeting point is 7, Kaznacheyskaya Street., at the intersection with Stolyarny Lane, near the house where F.M. Dostoevsky wrote the novel "Crime and Punishment", Sennaya (the Hey Market)
metro station.

Audio performance-walk goes to the places described in the novel, and inspired the author to his great work. The route goes along Stolyarny Lane, Kokushkin Bridge, Sadovaya, Sennaya (the Hey Market), along the embankment of the Griboedov Canal and ends near the house of the Old Woman, a money lender. You plunge into the world of Dostoevsky's heroes, walk along the
same streets, along the same pavements as they did, see the same houses and landscapes, and feel the torment and inevitability of their choice. Or is it possible to change something?

The duration of the walk is 1 hour 30 minutes, walking distance about 3 km.

Recommendations - dress up according to the weather and take with you water, if you wish.

Recommended age 16+

The unusual format of the audio performance-walk opens up new facets of Dostoevsky's novel and lets you feel from the inside "the most intentional and abstract city in the world"
Alina Ch.
"The walk was incredibly pleasant! An unusual format, a new look at long-known places, the difficulty of Raskolnikov's choice, which each participant will have to do in person. That's what you need in a good weather to feel Dostoevsky's city, but not fall victim to
its despondency."
Irina K.
"A great idea is perfectly embodied! Bravo !!!! Thank you for your work, dear creators of such a project !!!! Full feeling of presence in the great Dostoevsky's novel's time. The unique atmosphere of the city combined with expressive quotations from the novel …"
Natalia I.
"This is not just a tour, but a real audio performance, in which the participant is also a bit of an actor. It will be interesting and informative for both adults and high school students, even suitable for a romantic date …"
Meeting point - St. Petersburg, Kaznacheyskaya Street, 7, at the memorial plaque of F.M.Dostoevsky

Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday at 01.00 PM and at 06.30 PM
Kaznacheyskaya, 7. St.Petersburg.
Phone: +7 911 139 63 83
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